“To become an excellent and international standard study program in Indonesia by 2030 which focuses on the areas of governance and information technology infrastructure and plays an active role in Nation Development through Education, Research and Community Service”.


  1. Providing professional, quality, creative and innovative education that excels in design, governance, and information technology infrastructure.
  2. Conducting research in the areas of governance and information technology infrastructure to support the development of science, information, and communication technology
  3. Organizing community service programs in the field of information technology to produce applied products that can be used to improve community welfare
  4. Developing human resources and quality study programs through collaboration with various institutions in domestic and foreign


  1. Producing graduates who can compete in the world of work and are skilled, independent, creative, and innovative in governance and quality information technology infrastructure.
  2. Producing graduates who can develop their potential to meet market needs or to build their own business
  3. Producing graduates who play an active role in information technology to support nation development through quality education, research, and community service